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I am running 8.10 (now), but that has nothing to do with your errors. I have gotten those same errors before, and they were apparently the result of a typo during the setup on one of the steps or some package that didn't install (or install correctly).

It will be much faster (especially if this is a clean installation on a new system) to delete your ispconfig install folder, delete /root/ispconfig (-R), and format/reinstall from scratch.

I found that I not only got better results by doing a bare installation with only OpenSSH server, and then switching over to a remote PuTTY session thereafter, but I was also able to copy and paste all of the commands into a plain text file, edit anything that was supposed to be specific to my install, and then paste the commands into PuTTY much faster and more accurately than by typing and/or retyping them by hand. It will probably take you less time to scrape and reload than to chase your demons.

The ISPConfig installation will automatically delete most of itself if it errors out during install, and that is what the tail end of your errors is showing from your first posting.

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