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Originally Posted by falko View Post
You can install the system with just one HDD and add the second one afterwards.
Yes, this is what I did the very first time: I installed Fedora 10 on the first drive, left the second drive alone (though it was installed on the board). Didn't format it, partition it or anything. But after trying and failing, it seems the partitioning on the second HDD remains, even after "deleting" it in the Fedora Installer. I understand that 'deleting' does not mean 'wiping', and this seems to cause problems with the next attempt.

Currently, I'm using a disk utility to "wipe" the second HDD, then I will reinstall Fedora 10 and try again. I'll be more diligent about documenting the error messages I get. This machine is essentially a "laboratory" for me to learn, so I'm willing to spend as much time as necessary not only to get it working, but to understand what I am doing. Thanks again, and I'll post my results ...
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