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Default Bootable RAID1 on FC10 almost works ...

I'm trying to set up a Fedora 10 box with bootable RAID 1. I've followed Falko Timme's excellent HowTo on doing the same with FC 8 and I'm hoping that Fedora hasn't changed so much that it is no longer applicable.

Everything goes pretty much as expected during the setup. I started with an installation on one disk, and a second unformatted disk. After the 'grub' setup is complete, I reboot for the first time and hold my breath. The machine reboots (into runlevel 3, as I set it up) and shows a login prompt. I enter my username, the password prompt appears, I enter the password. Then a brief flash of a couple lines that seem to say something about "last login was ...", and then I get the login prompt again. Same thing happens. I try loggin in as another user, same results. If I enter an incorrect password, I get the message "unable to authenticate user, as I would expect.

Googling and searching this forum does not seem to produce any information relevant ... does anyone have any idea what's up or how I can get around it? Thanks ...

Rich Leitner
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