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I tried your suggestion tonight of using xen-tools. First, I looked under /usr/lib/xen-tools and saw two CentOS related directories: centos-4.d and centos-5.d.

So I assumed that when creating the DomU using xen-tools, I would use the parameter:

However, the installation failed. Below is the sanitized result of the log file.

General Information
Hostname       :
Distribution   :  centos-5
Partitions     :  swap            256Mb (swap)
                  /               10Gb  (ext3)
Image type     :  sparse
Memory size    :  256Mb
Kernel path    :  /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-23-xen
Initrd path    :  /boot/initrd.img-2.6.24-23-xen

Networking Information
IP Address 1   : [MAC: 00:16:3E:XX:XX:XX]
Netmask        :
Broadcast      :
Gateway        :

Creating partition image: /home/xen/domains/
0+0 records in
0+0 records out
0 bytes (0 B) copied, 4.1828e-05 s, 0.0 kB/s

Creating swap on /home/xen/domains/
Setting up swapspace version 1, size = 268431 kB
no label, UUID=76fa5bc5-1262-4ec1-975e-f1e735698c1a

Creating partition image: /home/xen/domains/
0+0 records in
0+0 records out
0 bytes (0 B) copied, 4.521e-05 s, 0.0 kB/s

Creating ext3 filesystem on /home/xen/domains/
mke2fs 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008)
Filesystem label=
OS type: Linux
Block size=4096 (log=2)
Fragment size=4096 (log=2)
655360 inodes, 2621440 blocks
131072 blocks (5.00%) reserved for the super user
First data block=0
Maximum filesystem blocks=2684354560
80 block groups
32768 blocks per group, 32768 fragments per group
8192 inodes per group
Superblock backups stored on blocks:
        32768, 98304, 163840, 229376, 294912, 819200, 884736, 1605632

Writing inode tables: done
Creating journal (32768 blocks): done
Writing superblocks and filesystem accounting information: done

This filesystem will be automatically checked every 27 mounts or
180 days, whichever comes first.  Use tune2fs -c or -i to override.
Installation method: debootstrap
Falling back to default debootstrap command

Copying files from host to image.
Copying files from /var/cache/apt/archives -> /tmp/aG2vqt910a/var/cache/apt/archives
E: No such script: /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts/centos-5

Copying files from new installation to host.
Copying files from /tmp/aG2vqt910a/var/cache/apt/archives -> /var/cache/apt/archives
The installation of the new system has failed.

The system is missing the common file: /bin/ls
System installation failed.  Aborting
I get a similar error when trying a CentOS 4 DomU as well.
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