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My server is hosted on static IP and it was not abused by spammers.
Fixed MX record. Now it points to hostname, which points to server IP.
... but still e-mails from Gmail cannot be sent, beacuse there is same error with Relay Access Denied.

Checked log when sending an e-mail to Gmail and other mail server. Most servers (maybe all) say that I am spammer.

I am not sure is it spam block or becuase I dont have revDNS configured properly for my domain.
Found somewhere that configuring revDNS helped for this problem.

Now have problem with configuring bind9. Installed it then

Added to named.conf, my IP is
zone "" {
type master;
file "/etc/bind/";
}; - file
Code:    IN PTR
I am not Primary DNS for, it has external default DNS servers.

I've checked the RevDNS and its still not correct. Here:

What should be inside of file?
I've only one line of code as you see.

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