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Default ISPConfig 3.0: Multiple Server Installation


I am trying to figure something out - I have installed ISPConfig 3.0 on a server in my environment and have attempted to join another server to the primary system without much success thus far.

When I installed ISPConfig 3.0 on the second server I selected Expert mode and went through the process of configuring the host name, MySQL, etc. I chose [y]es when asked if this server shall join an existing ISPConfig multiserver setup. And then went on with the installation. At no point did it ask what the FQDN or IP address of the master system was - I don't know if one is supposed to fill in that sort of info during the installation.

Anyway, once the installation was complete, I went to the primary server and joined the new server to it under the System menu. The problem is however, that when I try to monitor the new server it returns nothing - it tells me that there is no data and to try again later.

So I guess that something must be wrong. If someone could help I would be really grateful, thank you.

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