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Default How should billing work in ISPC3

below are my comments ...


This works very well for me with the current DB structure.

But how do you handle the case that one customer buyes webspace package A and after a month he buyes webspace package B on top?

I think we need a more general approach where we have recurring and non recirring billing items of several types. And I wont mix up the billing system with the domain robot. And why should customers not be able to order secondary dns services? Thats a common feature.

I agee with you, till. I won't mix up both systems. Although i think a db-table domain is desperatly needed! It's also a security feature! At the moment i can use where belongs to someone else on the same server. With the domain-table u can assign domains to your customers - and they can only use assigned domains for dns, mail and webspace. Furthermore you can add a flag for domains not registered over the isp (Sec.-DNS only).

ok. XML export can be one option beside pdf.

I will take a look at their implementation. But most likely it will not fit for waht we need.
Yes, maybe it's better to have a look at parallels billing than at oscommerce ...
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