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Default use external dns nameservers CONFUSED

First, I have posted before within these forums and I want to say what a GREAT program ISPConfig is. Thank you everyone involved.

I read through all the forum posted I cannot find one the explains the use of external dns nameservers (offered by a domain registrant, GoDaddy to be specific) with ISPConfig.

I have two websites on my ISPConfig machine. They could be represented by and Both of these fictional domains are registered at GoDaddy.

My ISPConfig machine is on a static address and all necessary ports from IPCop firewall are pointing to ISPConfig server on "orange DMZ' zone. (I know this because at one point I had working and now I have tried to switch the domain over to GoDaddy nameservers. So I am having the same "my web browser cannot find them" issue with both sites, now.)

So, both website (on GoDaddy) point to the same external IP address of the ISPConfig machine.

When I 'dig' I see GoDaddy nameservers. When I 'dig' I still see my old dyndns nameservers from when was on a dynamic IP address.

So, while I wait for nameservers to correct themselves (hopefully today, sometime) I would like to get working and then should also work correctly.

Internal dns (for both domains) point to the same internal IP address of (my ISPConfig server address.)

Sorry for all the setup for these questions, but if anyone cannot tell my now, I am kinda pulling my hair out.

In ISPConfig settings, is the "master" dns and is a "slave" to the master. Is this correct?

Then, what "records" do I need? And they appear that they will be placed onto the "master" site only, as there is no "records" tab on the slave 'window' of dns settings? Or I thought I read somewhere that when using external dns servers the records should be blank?

If there is some tutorial that I have missed, please direct me to it. The two howto's mentioned the most are How To Run Your Own Name Servers With ISPConfig And Godaddy and How To Run Your Own Name Server With ISPConfig And (Schlund) are confusing when one is using external name servers.

I guess I am just "not getting it" and I need a little help and hopefully the "light bulb will light!"

Sorry about the length of the post.
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