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Lightbulb How should billing work in ISPC3

I need billing capabilities in ISPC3. My question is: "Is there a plan how billing should be implemented in ISPC3?"

My thoughts:

I think billing should be implemented as a seperate Module with seperate DB-Tables to keep the ISPC3-core free from billing data.

The recent DB-structure is not very good for billing. One Customer could buy multiple Hosting-Packages. This is not possible with the recent DB.
The hirarchy should be like: Customer -> Account or Contract -> Website

A DB-Table domain should be added where all buyed Domains are stored.
This would also be an important step for implementing domainrobots. To prevent Customers from using the DNS-System only as a Secondary-DNS Server, only domains from the table domain should be selectable in the DNS-System.

Now you can add an Order and a Billing-System to ISPC3. The Order and the Billing System should be seperated. The Output of the Billing System should be XML so you can Import the billing data into Lexware. Or you add an additional invoice module which generates invoices as pdf.

I would recommend to use the db-tables for the Order and billing-system from oscommerce v3.

Orders can be imported by adding entrys to sys_datalog.
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