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Default Ubuntu 8.10 ProFTPD and ISPConfig Problems!

I currently am running Ubuntu 8.10 x64 bit Server Edition.

I have installed ISPConfig and ProFTPS.....from what I see I did everything correctly. (But then again it would be working if I did )

Anyway the problem is when I go to my FTP it prompts me for the username and password, however no matter what I configure in ISPConfig for FTPUsers, nothing seems to let me login.

Bad username and password I'm assuming....I assume this because when I tried logging into my ubuntu username (richard)....It logs me directly into my home directory....and works perfectly.

So my question is, did I miss something stupid? Did I not google enought lol?

So basicaly my FTP works with all usernames in my linux box and sends them too there home directory, but a virtual user created by ISPConfig will never work for me?

Any suggestion? Thanks in advanced!
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