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I checked, firestarter is only set up to configure as a DHCP server on one interface.

tech.gsr, my recommendation to try, it should solve your problems:
- dump your router.
- at least temporarily, if pan0 represents a removable bluetooth device, remove it or power it off, so that it does not interfere with firestarter configuration.
- connect network as follows:
---internet<--> eth0--Linux1--eth1<---->sw1<--->eth0--Linux2
you can also connect other PCs to sw1.

Configure firestarter on Linux1:
- eth0 is configured for ip address assigned with DHCP (assuming you get assigned an IP address dynamically from your ISP).
Configure firestarter for internet connection sharing on eth1, and also as a DHCP server. You can follow
this link:
All of your devices connected to sw1 will get their IP address from Linux1, and access the internet through NAT through Linux1. Make sure you are careful to keep ports closed on eth0, since this is your firewall to the internet. Firestarter will allow you to control which (if any) ports are open on eth0.
Allow pings via the pulldown menu if you want.

Configure firestarter on Linux2:
-eth0 ip address is assigned via DHCP. Make sure to allow pings. Open any ports you want. You should be done... try to open a web browser and access the internet.

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