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I have uninstalled ISPConfig, dropped the database, and changed the hostname, edited the hostname in all of the right places, and started (almost from scratch) over. Rebooted, just to be sure, I then re-installed ISPConfig with the new hostname, and went through the How-To for the initial setup, and I still can't browse my site by name.

Again, I can ping my public IP address and I can't ping by name (but the ping does resolve to the correct IP address), and browsing by IP address produces the ISPConfig shared hosting page. Browsing by name produces a "Connection interrupted" error, but no web page.

I can also connect via ftp to the IP address, so ProFTP is working ok, and the webftp works from within the ISPConfig control panel, and I can log into the webmail, which apparently works, but don't receive anything I send from it.

What can I do to fix my problem? I just need to get a website with webmail up that can be managed with a web interface. Is there a better way to do this? If I can just get it to respond to requests by name, that would be a good start, and apparently my nemesis...
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