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Originally Posted by anushanw View Post
Okay so i'm trying to install ISPConfig 3 on Fedora 10. I have setup and install Fedora 10 exactly as "Perfect Server Fedora 10" article explains.
I started installing ISPConfig 3 by clicking to Fedora 9 instruction file supplied in this site since there's no instructions for Fedora 10.
Here are the issues that i'm having:
1) When i type in "rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY*" is gives and error saying
error: /etc/pki/...the names of file(s): import failed.
You don't need this command on Fedora 10.

Originally Posted by anushanw View Post
2) When i try to install "Courier" and type in the "wget http://....... " commands i get a response saying "courier-authlib-0.61.0.tar.bz2: permission denied

Cannot write to 'courier-authlib-0.61.0.tar.bz2' (Permission denied).

how can i resolve this
Did you run the command as root? Did you disable SELinux?

Originally Posted by anushanw View Post
3) Whats the best linux system that i should run ISPConfig on? i mean what do u recoment for an ameture like me.
Debian or Ubuntu.

Originally Posted by anushanw View Post
4) Since i did everything in the tutorial to setup the Fedora 10 Server do i need to follow steps 1 through 7 on or can i just go to step 8 and start installing ISPConfig 3?
The "Perfect Server" tutorial is for ISPConfig 2 only, not ISPConfig 3. For ISPConfig 3, you need an empty Fedora installation and then follow the steps from the ISPConfig 3 intructions.
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