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Default Two FTP Issues: Change Port and Alerts

Hi All,

As the subject says, I am having two FTP issues.

I have a server using ProFTPD. I can FTP into it, but ISPConfig's monitoring always reports it as not running. ISPConfig also sends out alerts about it not running every 15 mins or so even though there is no monitoring entry for it in the GUI.

So, question #1 is: how do I get ISPConfig to see the server is running or at least how do I get it to stop sending alerts that it is not running?

I am also attempting to change the default port from 21 to something else. The only entry I can see for this is in /etc/proftpd.conf. Changing the port entry in that file to something else does indeed stop proftpd from picking up on port 21, but it does not make it pick up on the other port.( I have made the requisite firewall changes as well).

So, question #2: how do I change the port proftpd listens on?


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