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Default Prepairing for hosting


I can find enough documentation about a situation i am in:

I want to install the ISP-Config system on a server at home and then when i am ready, go to the big serverfarm and put my nice and newly setup 1U server in the rack.

Wat do i need to chance there?

All the certificates , SSL, POP, IMAP,
The hostname + ip adresses.
Wich configuration files
Mysql things ?

Is there documentation out there that describes this situation?

I think its a common situation that you configure your server at home or in your office, Than go to your colocation and leave youre server there.

So the question is what to change if i move the server to an other place.
Maybe there are things to be changed in the mysql database things i didnt think of.

A step by step route to take.
Maybe someone else allready took this route before, ill be glad to hear.

Thanks in advance

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