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I'm afraid this is truly kicking my face in

I have gone through the files and verified the correct IP addresses are there, and I've also gone through the How-To on what to do after installing ISPConfig 2.x, at least to the point of trying to create a site, and I have little to show for it but error messages.

Is it possible that my original server installation hostname shouldn't have taken the hostname of my main site I'm trying to launch? If so, I am sure that I can change the server hostname, but so far, I am unable to get any response to http requests at the primary site name, but I can ping by name and get response, and I can browse by IP address and get the shared hosting page from ISPConfig.

When I go through the site setup, it informs me that "" is already in use (and this is for a first site setup/configuration), but I can't browse to anything resembling a site, only an error page after timeout.

What do I get and for how much with the Enterprise support paid package? As much as I'd really like to learn how to do this, I have to move forward, one way or another.

Thanks, and please enlighten me?

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