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Default SUCCESS!!! - Well, almost?

I have managed to get the ISPConfig software installed, and logged into it, and it is a truly beautiful sight to see!

There is something in the How-To's that I am mistaking for another character, and I don't know which, but when I copy and paste all of the How-To commands into a text editor (Windows Notepad), and edit anything that is required to be specific to my hostname, etc., I was able to create a successful installation by pasting those lines into puTTY.

I got zero errors during the installation process, although Step 9 doesn't give much feedback, positive or not on successful completion...

Unfortunately, this was all done in a test environment, and now that I have a working installation, I need to figure out how to change the IP address to the real IP address...

Is this possible to change a Server IP address without having to completely uninstall/re-install ISPConfig? I know how to change the IP address for the server without ISPConfig, but are there any special considerations I will need to be able to bring it up at a new (production) IP address, or do I need to blow it away, and install in place?


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