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Actually, I didn't skip that step either, but I will try it again, on my next reload (after I get some sleep), although I didn't understand much of what I was doing, and it is possible that I may have mis-typed or mis-spelled something due to bleary eyes and/or font confusion. I will try to see if I can copy and paste into putty, just to avoid such mishaps next time, since I've now gone through this load 8 times with Ubuntu 8.10, 2 with Mandriva 2009, 1 with Ubuntu 8.04, 1 with Debian 4.0r6, and am considering downloading the Fedora Core 10 DVD image as my next hope, if the current download of Centos doesn't work first.

If it is a font confusion issue, that would explain why it is so repeatable (for me), and why there isn't an entire forum of folks screaming in pain from these attempts. I gotta get some sleep. Thanks for the reply and at least a glimmer of hope that I may actually be able to do this
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