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Default Host and Domain problems in ISPConfig Installation script


I am really looking forward to utilizing ISPConfig on a multi site hosting server. I have followed this How To exactly and everything goes fine until I get into the later parts of the actuall ISPConfig installation.

Towards the end of the ISPConfig installation, the installation script asks for a host (i.e. www) and domain (i.e. I have tried many combinations to make the installation script proceed past this point.

This machine is bare bones before starting. I tried several host/domain combinations that exist for my domain name. These host/domain combinations are hosted on another server in my network via Apache virtual hosts.

However, I am leaning towards the belief that the script fails because the How To doesn't set up a virtual host after installing Apache and/or because I have not changed any configurations regarding DNS such as forwarding addresses.

Do you thing that is the problem or should I be looking elsewhere? I don't really know what this part of the script is accomplishing. So I don't know if I should be pointing the host/domain to a site on the current machine or a site on my already existing machine.

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