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Question Forward subdomain to a specific port (UDP & TCP)


I have Ubuntu 8.04 + ISPConfig installed.

I'm trying to forward a to the 27010 port of my server.
We will have more game server instances(Counter-Strike) from one game, and because of this we have to use multiple ports.

What i want to work up, is that my players don't need to specify a port when they connects to our servers, example: will redirect him to myipaddress:27010 => myipaddress:27011

The game's default port is 27015. There could be two solutions:
1. all the traffic from will be redirected to myipaddress: port
2. the traffic from the udp:// will be redirected to myipaddress: port

I've tried:
-redirecting with php to udp://ip: port(bad idea )
-dns service records
-searching google for a week

The closest solution:
I created an A record for all of my instance names (example:,
The players now can connect through the subdomains, but they need to specify the port of the servers (
The disadvantage of this solution is that if the user misses the port, he misses the server too.

The best solution:
-buy more ip addresses(over 15-20 servers is pretty expensive)

Some ideas:
I have to create "virtual ip addresses"
-or local loopbacks (, somehow, but maybe it is not possible
-or there will be an openVPN server on this server, and i will allocate more IP-s for my server.
After that i have to point the subdomains somehow to these ip addresses
-/etc/hosts ?? ( point a to, and to )
-or with virtual hosting ( but i could not use it with UDP or TCP)

I'm at loss of this now.

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