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Default Email domain forwarding

Hi guys,

Using ISPConfig 2, is there any way to automatically forward email from one domain to another domain. In cPanel, this is known as Email Domain Forwarding, and it means you don't have to define each address separately and have to create a forwarder for it.

So what I want is:

user-alias-here@domain1.tld => user-alias-here@domain2.tld

This is very useful for companies who have two similar domains like the .com and the and want email handled for both (in case someone actually types their email address with the wrong tld extension) but still receive the emails.

The one complication is that domain2.tld could be an external mail server so the email would only pass through the ISPConfig server for it to be re-addressed from domain1.tld to domain2.tld.

Any ideas how I can achieve this?

Is it possible by setting up a catch all mailbox? I would imagine that a catch-all would have to forward to a specific address which isn't what I want as this means one user would receive all mail for all users.

Thanks in advance.

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