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Frankly I am amazed with the operation of the panel. I do not imagine that would work that way. The developers deserve a tremendous recognition.

I have another problem.
Mind was not above 2 IP addresses, then used zoneedit but now I am working with my own DNS.
The point is to delegate my domain to my DNS does not work for me the panel.
I know it's a DNS issue.
Ask objectively.

Management > Setting > Server
Hostname: www
Ip Adress: IP)?
Ip List: Blank?

Management > Setting > DNS
Default NS1: my 1 public ip?
Defualt NS2: my 2 public Ip?
Default MX: Active?

DNS Manager > Master Zone > DNS Entry
Server: myservername
Domain SOA: Example: or another format
IP Address: my private ip?

Wath must I put there?

I ask this because I read many tutorials on DNS in Spanish but can not configure it correctly.

I am more than grateful for this forum ...
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