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Originally Posted by till View Post
Do you have a full backup of the ispconfig database of the time before you uninstalled it?
Yes, of course!

My new server is ready. Actually this new server is my old server with a new motherboard. The old motherboard Asus P5K Premium Wi-Fi-AP was broken. After 6 months without problem, the motherboard doesn’t start. No POST, no boot, nothing. Now I replaced the old motherboard with a new one Asus P5K DeLuxe WI-Fi-AP (I don't find another Premium version) which have in addition 1 PCI-Express and one IEEE1394 port. Because, I'm a smart boy, I kept the HDD untouched and now my server looks fine. I can't wait to see it in production.

The server with problem discuss in this topic is a backup server installed in few hours after the storm.
PS: I want to support this forum but without becoming subscriber. Where can I send some money?
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