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Question 2 DNS servers to create high avialability - yes I know this was asked before...

I just want to clear it up and ask again.
I know there are HA options but they seem a little too much for just having two servers.
One idea I wanted to get some feedback on is this.



they both serve up web pages
s1 does mail
both do mysql

both are a dns server as well.
If is hosting on s1 then the secondary dns would be s2
If s1 goes down then s2 would pick up the dns request but instead of saying =
it would say =

Or if needed s2 would have virtual ip's waiting to go on if needed ie
eth0:0 so it would even be more seemless.

Of course there is work to sync
s1 <--> s2

But that is on the easier side.

As far as email goes if s1 goes down then s2 would take over the requests and have a fully synced folder layout of emails as well as users and passwords (though this may be harder unless we can just copy the /etc/passwd and shadow file over?

s1 is running ispconfig but we figure the if s2 takes over it can work w/o ispconfig for a bit ie no new users, databases, etc allowed to be added till s1 is back up and data synced back over.

Alright any feedback would be great
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