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Question Email duplication problem

Hi, I've been a happy user of ISPConfig for several years. (minor chord plays in background I'm using a Debian Sarge 3.1 installation setup via the appropriate 'perfect Debian setup'.

Recently a new problem with email started showing up. This problem manifests itself as duplicate emails in the users' inbox along with a lengthy wait as the users' email client app does its work. That is, the problematic emails are reread into the client's inbox each time the client logs into the mail server to check the mail.

The problem appears to be related to binary attachments, particularly ones that are >5Mb in size. The clients with these problems are setup to delete emails from the server as they are read. Thus, I can look at their inbox with a text editor or via 'mail -f /var/mail/webxx_username' and verify that the problematic emails (and subsequent emails in the inbox) are not getting deleted after they are read. After I manually delete the emails from their inbox, the duplication stops.

Perusing the boards here at HowtoForge leads me to believe it could be a file locking problem, though, like I said, I've been a happy user for years and this problem just started to show up and only on certail email accounts. My thinking on the locking issue is that the mechanism whereby the message is deleted from the client's inbox fails due to a locking problem, therefore the message doesn't actually get deleted.

My current effort to resolve this issue included enabling/disabled the 'MailScan' option in ISPConfig to stimulate a rewrite of the mail config files in hopes that that is the problem. This did not work.

How would I go about testing the locking mechanism to verify that it is or is not working correctly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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