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Default how to setup bind9 logging for ISPC2 on Debian Lenny (/etc/default/rsyslog)


im moving server with ispconfig 2.2.29 on Debian Lenny

Evertyhing seems to working fine
but i have no idea how to setup bind9 logging
as described here
changing SYSLOGD="-a /var/lib/named/dev/log"
in /etc/default/syslogd

(i actually don't know what is this change doing)

as Lenny is using rsyslog by default

how should i change /etc/default/rsyslog ?
there is by default

# Options for rsyslogd
# -m 0 disables 'MARK' messages (deprecated, only used in compat mode < 3)
# -r enables logging from remote machines (deprecated, only used in compat mode < 3)
# -x disables DNS lookups on messages received with -r
# -c compatibility mode
# See rsyslogd(8) for more details

Thanks for any help

btw: all others descibed in prefects setup for etch is working
except there is no package libdb4.3-dev i have replaced it with libdb4.6-dev

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