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Default installing per "mouse-click"

as i wrote the "new" monitor-plugin i had this in mind (installing the needed updates per mouse-click). I also thought about installing the needed packages per mouse-cklick. For example

"you need to install rkhunter at this server to monitor the log of it. Click "here" to install it".

To add such a feature was not the problem why i didn't implement it. The problem was, that there could occur some problems / error where we need the decision of a admin. for example, a (too) old version is installed and we need a update or some updates / installations ask some questions we can't answer with "yes" or "no" (for example there is a new config-file and we need to patch the old one).

so i thought it is better, doing such things "by hand" but to know what happends - than such things are done automatically (and sometimes wrong).

so my decision was NOT to implement it...
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