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Default Advice Please - Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier, MySQL, SQMail Ubuntu


Currently my Mail Server is Mercury32 on a Windows 2003 Server, with ClamAv, SpamHalter, Content and Transaction Filtering.

I've followed this HowTo :

and now have Postfix, Courier, MySQL, SquirrelMail, SMTP-AUTH, TLS , Quota, Amavisd, SpamAssassin and ClamAV installed.

All went quite well apart from 2 typo's from me
I've installed this in a virtual Ubuntu 8.10 desktop edition.

I'm currently waiting for DNS entries to update on an old domain I have to test this properly, but things are looking OK at the moment.

Seems to be working well, but I have a couple of questions..

1. How do I tell if ClamAV is up to date ? How do I get FreshClam to update daily.

2. Can I add more DNSBL entries to either PostFix or SpamAssassin ?

3. Is it possible to block hosts who don't have properly formed domain name in the ehlo/helo ? But have a couple of exceptions (for family) ?

4. Is there any way to have the system move 'spam' or potential spam to another user for checking through later ?

5. Any way to monitor all the logs in a simpler way ? using System Log shows lots of info, but most of it is mixed in with other entries.

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