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Default lots of questions from noob

First of all I would like to thank the developers for what looks to be some great software. I was referred to ispconfig by a co-worker that has been running this from quite sometime. Since he has a slightly different setup as I do, I will start by asking some questions here.

As I am completely new to using ispconfig and cp's in general, I hope my questions are not too confusing. I am a current (possibly former) user of software like xampp, wamp, etc.)

Now onto my current situation:

I have fresh installed Fedora 10 and ispconfig 2.2.29 via the perfect server setup tutorial. With a little tweaking of profptd to get the ftp server working, everything seems to be working correctly. I am also using zoneedit as I am on a single dynamic ip though my isp without the ability to go static/multiple ip's. I also have the domains registered through godaddy which is using the zoneedit dns servers, I do however have zoneedit pointing to my ispconfig dns for an added backup.

I am using this for several different domains, all controlled by myself for now. Each site needs to have a live site, and two development sites (preferably sub domains) ie., and The live site works correctly but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the subdomains working right. I guess they would be separate sites and not just a webforward co-domain right?

Each live/dev site does not need separate mail servers, the one for the live site would be just fine. I did notice if i make a new site for each of the dev sites, they need a separate ftp login? If possible, I would like each ftp account to be able to access each of the dev sites through the same login not 3 separate user accounts.

I guess these questions will get me started for now, I am sure I will have several others when the time comes. Thanks to anyone who attempts to help me out.
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