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Default ssh stop answering requests

I have trouble with ssh external requests, however I do not have problem in the network

I have two networks, with two debian etch and two different routers ...

router 1>> network 1>> debian 1 with shorewall operating>> ssh stop answering randomly from the Internet, this happens when I connect to router 2>> network 2>> debian 2 by ssh, once I'm connected, I launch a ssh from debian2 to debian1 (which does not answer the external ssh requests just at that moment, but it does in the local network, which makes me discard any problem with the ssh service) what is surprising is that if I do, for example a w3m and the site doesn't load, although I can load other sites .. allright, then the 'dns inspiration' comes again, I can browse to barrapunto and the external ssh requests go back to normal condition, it means that it answers and works perfectly ... may be related to the dns problem that sometimes stops the translation? I think that the router gets 'saturated' when it doesn't know how to translate the names and does not admit external ssh connections .... has something similar happened to someone? is quite odd but always match one thing with the other.

I also want to comment that I have stopped the avahi-daemon and in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config I have the value 'UseDNS = no'

thanks in advance
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