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I am a complete novice, and I apologize.

Thanks for your reply. I do have sites set up, but I don't think there are databases yet.

the following are the phpMyAdmin install instructions, but I do not understand some things:

1. Untar or unzip the distribution (be sure to unzip the subdirectories): tar -xzvf phpMyAdmin_x.x.x.tar.gz in your webserver's document root Does this mean the box's root? . . . /root/ ? . If you don't have direct access to your document root, put the files in a directory on your local machine, and, after step 3, transfer the directory on your web server using, for example, ftp.

2. Ensure that all the scripts have the appropriate owner (if PHP is running in safe mode, having some scripts with an owner different from the owner of other scripts will be a problem). See FAQ 4.2 for suggestions. Do I need to worry about this?

3. Open the file in your favorite editor and change the values WHERE do I change the values? for host, user, password and authentication mode to fit your environment. Here, "host" means the MySQL server host: Have a look at Configuration section for an explanation of all values. Please also read the remaining of this Installation section for information about authentication modes and the linked-tables infrastructure.

4. It is recommended that you protect the directory in which you installed phpMyAdmin (unless it's on a closed intranet, or you wish to use HTTP or cookie authentication), for example with HTTP-AUTH (in a .htaccess file). See the multi-user sub-section of the FAQ for additional information, especially FAQ 4.4. Do I need to worry about this?

5. Open the file <>/<your-install-dir>/index.php ? /index.php
in your browser. phpMyAdmin should now display a welcome screen and your databases, or a login dialog if using HTTP or cookie authentication mode.

Sorry for all this, but I'm going crazy and am desperate for help!
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