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Default More Questions

Ok, now where would be the right place for php.ini in the system, so I can add it up missing lines.

php_admin_flag register_globals on

At the same time and testing ePresence Media for on demand video and requires helix universal server, and install a Mono application for that, but the on the installation guide there is a file ServerLin111.bin which sizes is 4.33MB and I placed in /var/www/html/epresence and then run ./ServerLin111.bin and comes out an error of that file might be corrupt.

And also how do I Execute a mysql script using phpmyadmin???

All this things will affect in some way ISPConfig settings??

The last one, ISPConfig will work in a Intranet?? and how host will be named??
i.e. http://mycompany or http://www.mycompany because if you use comes out "shared IP"

Thanks for your time!!
Eli Acevedo
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