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Question question about dns, servers, and my client machines.

say i were to only have one static ip address from my isp and it was pointed at my dns server. and i also had 3 other servers, but with internal static addresses, one for my web pages,1 for email, and one as a dhcp server for my internal clients machines.

every thing works great from the internal network. i can get my web pages and log into my email, dhcp works great.

the problem is that from the outside world i can only access by dns server with the ip from my isp. i used bind9 for my dns. also my clients can not access the internet or any outside networks.

can this work or do i have to get ip address from my isp for all 3 of my servers.

any help or a point in the right direction would be great.....

thanks mike.

also i am running ubuntu 8.04.1 server.

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