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Thanks for reply

What am having now installing Joomla is some issues with php on the installation script gives me this errors:

What is in red is problem and means:
configuration.php can be written, but file is not created yet, so we are ok so far with that file.

Sesions Save Path /home/www/web10/phptmp/ unwritable

PHP version >= 4.1.0 Si
- Soporte compresi��lib Disponible
- Soporte XML Disponible
- Soporte MySQL Disponible
configuration.php No puede ser escrito
Todav�podr᳠continuar con la instalaci��a que la configuraci��e serᠭostrada al final, copiala, p駡la y s?.
Ruta de guardado de sesiones /home/www/web10/phptmp/, No puede ser escrito

I've tried changind permissiones to folder to /home/www/web10/phptmp/ to 7777 with no result. How do I correct this???

Problem 2:

Directiva Recomendado Actual
Modo seguro: OFF: ON
Mostrar errores: ON: OFF
Subir archivos: ON: ON
Comillas m᧩cas GPC: ON: OFF
Ejecuci��e comillas m᧩cas: OFF: OFF
Registro global: OFF: OFF
Mem�� de salida: OFF: OFF
Inicio automᴩco de sesi��/td> OFF: OFF

See attached files, settings is like must to be and joomlaerror is actual!!

I need magic quotes on, so spanish content will display ok!!
Any ideas??
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