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Default regarding ownership of files inside the different web directories

hi there.

I am using ispcfg 2.XX latest version on a server that was installed by following the perfect debian sarge install.

My question is the following:

I am hosting several wordpress installations, for me and friends. Now I have some fundamental understanding problem.

ISPCFG uses i.e. web1_user1 as the format for usernames and web1 as the format for group names. now if I, logged in with the admin account ftp/ssh into my account, all files I create/modify are owned by me and my group aka similar to doing a chown -R web1_user1:web1 /web

BUT to use the wordpress core update and plugin update features, I have to make www-data (the apache2 user used on Debian) the owner, thus enabling any php script, i.e. the wordpress plugin my FTP to write to all files on the server in any of the wordpress installations as they are now all owned by www-data...

I mean now any web can run an online editor and point it to another web-directory and thus modify other users files, as they are all owned by www-data...

I feel there is a solution to this please point me into the right directory or ask for any relevant data I can provide you with.
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