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Originally Posted by falko View Post
/dev/sda2 is an LVM partition. The tutorial doesn't work with LVM partitions. For resizing LVM partitions, take a look at this tutorial:
Dear Mr. Falko,

The tutorial in the URL below

uses linux commands: pvcreate, pvdisplay, vgdisplay,....,lvcreate, lvdisplay, lvscan etc.

In my system (Fedora 4) I could not find these commands at all.

After i switched "su" super user account, i then entered any vg/lv/pv command mentioned in the tutorial. i got the error message as shown below:

bash: pvdisplay: command not found


bash: lvscan: command not found


However, I can access df, fdisk, ls command etc. without any problem.

Please let me know where are these vg/lv/pv commands are?

What should i do before i can access and use these vg/lv/pv command to follow your tutorial?

Please help.

Thank you very much.

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