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Default RC1 - Spam/Virus filtering like 2.x?

I just installed RC1 on an Ubuntu 8.04 linode host with 360MB of memory using the Ubuntu How-To. I have everything working correctly, EXCEPT the memory used for spam/virus filtering is much too high for the amount of mail that comes though the server.

I have tuned amavisd-new, spamd, and clamd to the best of my ability, but I still cannot get enough free ram to allow Apache to perform decently. Between these 3 daemons they use about 250MB of memory. By the time you calculate in MySQL, Apache2... about 10MB of memory are free, and this is without any apache connections.

I also run ISPConfig 2, which has adequate virus and spam protection and performance for me. Is there any ways to modify ISPConfig 3 to filter spam and viruses the same way as done in ISPConfig 2 to avoid these running daemons?

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