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Default Procmail Local Mail Flooding

Here is what i did to hopefully fix the issue . The server where ispconfig was installed was a production server. As much as I would like to say that I had a redundant setup where i could take this machine down and have all our production domains stay up without interuption, I do not.
There was no way I could consider deleting all the websites and mail directories.
The ispconfig removal script gave me the choice of removing all the sites and ispconfig, or just removing ispconfig. I chose to only remove ispconfig.

Here is my solution (the commands prefixed with : are vim commands)


locate .procmailrc > ~/tmp/procmailrc_locations
vim ~/tmp/procmailrc_locations
:%s/^\(.*\)$/cat \1 | sed -e 's\/^INCLUDERC\/## INCLUDERC\/' > \1
:!bash ~/tmp/procmailrc_locations
locate .mailsizerc | xargs rm
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