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Default Traffic Quota Problem Remoting Framework 4.2.1

I recently installed the latest version of ISPConfig and upgraded the remoting framework from 4.2 to 4.2-1 beta

I use the ISPConfig Billing System v1 with the remoting framework.

The problem is the Traffic quota.

When I upgraded to remoting framework 4.2-1, when a client purchases a hosting account it sets there traffic quota at 0 instead of -1, or unlimited. Which is causing problems because they cant upload files until i change it.

Is there anything I can change in the remoting frameworks remote directory to fix this?

At least change the quota limit back to -1 easily somehow? ...until I can create a traffic button and field in the product form within the billing software.

I did notice the phone number thing was fixed.

Any advise on the traffic quota issue would be appreciated greatly. Luckily I caught it early and it only affected one client.

Thanks guys,

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