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Originally Posted by elies
Ok, Thanks for fast reply.
When will ispconfig 3.0 be released?.
It's still in the very early stages, so don't expect anything in the next few months.

Originally Posted by elies
So if we install ispconfig in every server, do we need a public Ip for each server?
Or is there a way to configure a gateway for all ispconfig servers?
You could set them up in a local network behind a router, but because you can forward one port only to one machine from the router (e.g. port 80), you can access only one server from the outside on that port. So public IPs would be good.

Originally Posted by elies
Can you then manage all the servers from one acount, or u have to log in to one server at a time?
You have to log in on each server.
However, we're working on the "Remoting Plugin" which allows you to remotely access ISPConfig from third-party applications. So you could write your own application, and with this application you cou then manage all your ISPConfig servers.

Originally Posted by elies
Can we use NFS to map web and mail folders to other storage servers in the network?
Originally Posted by elies
Do you have a howto file about how to set up a multiserver ispconfig enviroment?
Unfortunately no.
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