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Question One user can get e-mail but another can't...bizarre...

I'm having a rather weird problem. It may be something very small I'm overlooking, as I am as much a newbie to linux as I am to ISPConfig. Anyway...

I set up a CentOS 5.2 machine using "The Perfect Server" instructions ( Everything went pretty smoothly, and I was logged into ISPConfig in no time.

Here's a quick rundown of my configuration:

-Cable internet service w/dynamic IP address
-Wireless router uplinked to cable modem
-CentOS server box hard-wired to router via one of the standard RJ-45 ports
-Network set up on
-Router set up as gateway -
-Router set to use OpenDNS ( / for DNS service
-Server set up with static IP -
-Router set up with DynDNS service to always point "{my host name}" to my router's current IP address.
-Router set up to "Port Forward" all standard services (FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, VNC ports 5901-5902 and ISPConfig port 81) to the server at

I set up a reseller account and set up two sites under that -- one for my site, and one for a friend's business. Both sites' domain names were registered with a major registrar and both sites have CNAME and MX records that point directly to "{my host name}" for their respective mail servers. (Since I am using dynamic DNS service, I wasn't easily able to set up my server as a DNS server, so I left the DNS records to be managed at the registrar.)

So then I set up e-mail accounts under each site. I configured the e-mail account for my site to be received via Microsoft Outlook 2003 (POP3) on my laptop. No problem -- connections tested out fine, and I was able to send and receive test e-mails to/from other accounts, both local and external. This e-mail account has been running just fine for about two months now.

So recently I migrated my friend's website to my server and set him up with a similar e-mail address under his site in ISPConfig. I configured his e-mail account to be received via Microsoft Outlook Express 6 on his laptop (also POP3). Similar story -- the connections tested out fine and reported no errors. I was able to SEND e-mails FROM his account and receive them on both internal and external accounts.

Now comes the problem -- I tried sending e-mails TO his new account, both from internal and external accounts. The e-mails seem to send fine and don't ever get bounced back. He runs Send/Receive on Outlook Express on his laptop, it connects fine, runs through the process fine, but NO E-MAILS COME THROUGH. The process finishes with NO ERRORS reported.

I checked Maildir, and the messages are all still there on the server (still waiting to be pulled down...?) so I know they were delivered properly.

I checked /var/log/mail -- no errors. I could even see where the connections were being made from his laptop (via Outlook Express) and then closed without incident.

I checked through all the settings in ISPConfig for both e-mail accounts, and they are identical except for the e-mail addresses, the usernames and the passwords.

I even went as far as to configure his e-mail account in Microsoft Outlook 2003 on my laptop and see if I could pull the messages down that way -- no luck, same problem; it connects fine and finishes fine, but no e-mail messages come across.

I am still able to send and receive e-mail messages using my e-mail account, so I know that ISPConfig is working properly.

Unless there is some strange obscure setting that I am missing in a config file somewhere, I have no idea why this is happening.

If anyone can give me any clues, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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