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Default does setup remove previous installation

does this imply editing
install_ispconfig/compile_apps/compile and adding --with-zlib


cd install_ispconfig

In this directory please check the file dist.txt and see if the values given there suit to your
Linux installation (they should be suitable for standard installations). If you change any
values please be sure not to change the format of the file.
Then start the setup-script from there:


The installer will now compile an Apache with PHP5 that will run on port 81 and is needed by the ISPConfig system itself. It will not interfere with your existing Apache installation so you can go on unworried.
will this wipe my previous ISPConfig and replace it with a fresh one i.e. all configuration and previusly conigured websites or will it detect the existing installation and just update php

and I would not need to do the following steps all over again

When the ISPConfig Apache is built, a custom SSL certificate is built. Therefore you are asked a few questions. You can accept the default values, or you can enter new values there, this does not matter:
basically my question is will this just do a upgrade and not disrupt my existing installation or will it re-install and disrupt existing configuration and content

cheets mic

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