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No problem, I am not on hurry with the patch.
I was trying to ease the pane of core modification.

Later, after I'll finish testing and fixing possible nginx runtime problems, I'll work on installation part.

Currently I've found some DB related issues and reported them in bug tracker, take a look at them please. They can become real pain for un-experienced user.

Now, I still want to add auto-DNS feature.
Seems it's not too difficult, but I need your help. I've created some DNS templates for Google Apps, normal templates already exists.
Currently I wonder how to initiate creation of records based on DNS-template and data provided for site that is going to be created. Missing data may be built using default prefixes as ns1, ns1 and so on.
What do you think?

BTW: I found framework used for ISPConfig as very nice :-).
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