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Hi all, and thanks a lot for the stuff

I'm a french server administrator (to excuse my english :P), and I'm going to rebuild my server from scratch.

What I will do:
  1. Install a fresh Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Not using the Perfect Server howto, because my hosting service force me to use a unetbootin installation)
  2. Install ISPConfig 3 RC1 (seems to be stable enough to be on a production server) using this doc:
  3. Install Intrusion Detection: Snort (IDS), OSSEC (HbIDS) And Prelude (HIDS) On using the howto for Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

The only questions are (at the moment):
- I'm I right? Or should I use the Perfect Server howto (only after the system installation steps).. before installing ISPConfig 3?
(and use Perfect Server software and config, instead of those of ISPConfig 3)
- Also, what is Jailkit (optionnal packages proposed by the ISP3 doc)

[Edit] Currently, I'm using ISPConfig2 on a perfect server Ubuntu lts. A rootkit has changed rights in /var and /etc and it's why I want to start from scratch. Also, I think ISP2 is to restricted when using other web interface (I didn't manage to make Ossec-WUI working, IDS and Prelude are really difficult to)

Great job, great site guys, thanks a lot !

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