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Default Windows on Debian?

I've decided to cut the umbilical to windoze once and for all- completely. The only program I still run on it is Quicken, for my automatic, electronic bill payment, so I should be able to finally get free by running Quicken on an Win emulator in Debian, right? So, in the interest in doing this in an inetlligent manner up front, I'm soliciting anyone's experience in what is the best way to do this. Wine? Qemu? Others? From what I understand, Wine is representative of an API emulator that runs a single program, while Qemu is representative of a total emulator, and runs a whole Windows OS (isn't this also what VMWare does?). Since the only program I need to run is Quicken, I could probably use either and guess my decision is mainly based on stability (expecially since its sole role will be to handle my online monetary transactions) and resource utilization between the various choices.

I'm soliciting anyone's opinion (preferably based on something besides religious affiliation) on what is the best platform for this. Are there any particularly flaky things to watch out for, like network access or such?

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