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Default net2ftp module

Ok great, I will attempt to write my own net2ftp module for ISPConfig
the only reason I need a net2ftp module is just for its "filemanager" functionality if anyone has a better suggestion please post it here.

I had a look at


packakes by downloading and unzipping

I am hoping to use this as a template.

could you explain the file structure

the unzied the webmail.pkg and the file contains the following could you explain their significance and origin :-
I dont know what this file is for and what I would need to adapt so that it applies to net2ftp.

I guess this is the ISPConfig installation file, any tipes as to what the various options are e.g. if I want net2ftp to be in a menu of its own for example "File Manager" if this is too much to ask then under the tools menu is fine.

here is the simple net2ftp installation instructions does this seem doable by the "package" file


(For upgrade instructions read below.)

To view the detailed installation instructions, open the /files_to_upload/help.html 
file in a browser, and click on Administrator.

In a few words:

1 - Unzip all the files on your computer, and upload them to your web server.

2 - The /temp directory should be chmodded to 777. 

3 - Set your settings in the file.

4 - A database is only required if you want to log the actions of the users, or 
    if you want to enable the daily consumption limit. To create the tables, 
    execute the SQL queries in the "create_tables.sql" file. This can be done 
    easily in PhpMyAdmin, the popular front-end to MySQL.

To integrate net2ftp with Mambo, Drupal or Xoops, follow the instructions in 
the readme.txt files in the respective directories under 

If you need help, post a message on the net2ftp forum:

is this just the official jar file downloaded from the official site without any adaptations same applies to the phpMyAdmin.tar file so I should be able to just download the net2ftp

is there any problem seeing that net2ftp contains some java modules

Security issues

When using net2ftp will the clients

(a) be able to log in using their ISPConfig Ftp accounts

(b) only be limited to the directories that the ISPConfig ftp account allows

I would really appreciate feedback on this as I would not want to issue my clients any more access than ISPConfig FTP accounts permit, I would just like to include net2ft so that they can edit files and use the functionality netftp presents.

Thanking you in advance

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