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Default FileManger, UnZip, installer for CMS

Hi there I realize that ISPConfig does not support
- FileManager (Other than Web-Ftp)
- Unzip
- installer for CMS e.g. phpbb phpnuke, drupal etc etc

I have read some topics posted here and realized that this is not supported
my question is can someone describe a step by step as to how I can incorperate this functionality in ispconfig without the use of shell accesto my clients.

- filemanager
I was thinking of using has anyone wrapped this as a ISPConfig module which I could install using the update manager, if not is there a way I can neatly incorperate this functionaliy or something similar under GPL to be accessed by all my clients

I found unzip imperitive to deploying some of the websites I have built in the past, how can I offer my ISPConfig clients Zip functionaly without issuing shell access as some of them would not even know how to use a shell : ).

- install scripst for CMS and similar

with the growing popularity of CMSs like phpnuke, drupal and phpbb, automatic install posibilities are desirable, I was wondering if there are any utilities built for ISPConfig and if not is there any work arounds to enable users to install these CMSs without the availability of unzip I would not want to imagine how long it would take a user without shell acces to upload a PhpNuke Site using a file by file upload : (.

I think ISPConfig is a fantastic control panel and would really appreciate some work arounds or be pointed out to some available modules to neatly (like the rest of ISPConfig) incorperate this functionalty.

just a thought, if phpMyadmin could be wrapped as a installable module using the update site I am sure could be handeled in a similar fashion if anyone has any experience in this area of writting packages please comment, being an experienced programmer myself I would gladly partacipate in this wrapper development the only fear I have is the lack of ISPConfig knowledge so seeing the risks a ftp client could present I would much rather have the experts look into it.

cheers and thanks in advance

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