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Thumbs up hello congratulations with you

Hello to all, I come to test under debian etch version RC of ISPConfig 3, is I am like all the world which one to test, to astonish

But, it misses things, but perhaps that in the version final, one will have them, but I would like listed the things, that for lack, is that one finds in version 2 but not in the 3

anonymous ftp
To manage the spam with for example, to add " uribl"

The remainder for me is good, to see very well, but c' is true that, under firefox for example, when one to create a user, is I him but which must this connect in French, when I disconnect myself, is when I reconnecte with this user, it this connects in English, c' is not normal, but the remainder, is impeccable, frankly

I it test under gentoo, if it functions, because j' saw that in l' installation, there was a possibility of l' to install under gentoo

To still excuse me for this English badly included/understood, I relocate that by yahoo, here, in any case, j' am in a hurry which the version final fate, is as that I will test it under waiter real, because for the moment I it test in virtual machine

Congratulations with all, in Falko which I would like to meet one day, in Till is all the developers which make live this version that it is 2 which remains for me the, strong one, but that I believe that the 3 will be even stronger, I am count, because thanks to you, is I believe that Falko know me, thanks to made the love of life of this version, then to continue is still thank you with you

To finish some, I wish you one happy new year 2009 with you all

ISPConfig, the panel fantastic ,
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