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Default Holland is ready for the ISPConfig 3 release! Who's next?

Hi Till,

I've updated the Dutch language file set. It works fine with ISPConfig RC1. You can download it here.

Some comments about the original English language file set:
Within this language file set, i found some double entries.
(Same $-variables but different text strings)

These are:

Line 92: $wb["delete_txt"] = 'Delete';
Line 96: $wb["delete_txt"] = 'X';

Line 393: $wb["active_txt"] = 'Active';
Line 408: $wb["active_txt"] = 'Active';

Line 1601 $wb["limit_client_error_notint"] = 'Client Limit is not a number.';
Line 1635 $wb["limit_client_error_notint"] = 'The sub client limit must be a number.';

Line 1707: $wb["limit_client_txt"] = 'limit_client';
Line 1718: $wb["limit_client_txt"] = 'Max. number of Clients';

I am not a programmer but i don't think this is how it should be.

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