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Default ISPConfig3 support for external mail (Google Apps) and nginx as alternative webserver

Hi all,

Recently I was forced to migrate from dedicated to VPS.

Maybe I am too optimistic, but after small battle with low resources I've came with 3 decisions:

1) ISPConfig3 will be the CP (mydns support and single language code were main reasons).

2) Google Apps will replace mail subsystem (Saves tens of MB and solves spam headache). Therefore whole mail/spam supporting code must be disabled and replaced with simple DNS settings.

3) Nginx will be used instead of Apache.

Now, since I am pretty new to ISPConfig and a lot of work expected, it will be really nice to hear your ideas and if I'll have some luck even receive some code drafts from you ;-)

BTW: If some is interested I've built updated Ubuntu source for MyDNS

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